Continuing Education Training (CEU’s)

IMGP0931 - Copy (1280x857)Workshop Focus: Our workshops are directed to licensed mental health professionals. The training is intended to facilitate development and utilization of a “Deepened Emotional Intelligence/Competence” through groundwork with horses. Our six hour CEU approved workshop, focused on emotional intelligence, uniquely incorporates spending the day with our professional training team, a limited number of participant colleagues (Limited to sixteen licensed mental health professionals), and our equine (horses) partners.  The workshop will include a balanced blend of psycho-educational didactic and experiential learning methods.  Join us and come away with a deeper understanding and practical applications of emotional intelligence through an enhancement of your competencies in the following areas: Personal Competencies: 1-Lloyd Intra-personal Skills; These capabilities determine how we manage ourselves:

    • Self-awareness–Recognize and know one’s emotions,
    • Management of critical emotions,
  • Motivate oneself,

Inter-personal Skills: These capabilities determine how we manage relationship: 

  • Social Competencies,
  • Social Awareness–Recognize emotions in others,IMGP0954
  • Relationship Management-Handling relationships.

This workshop is applicable for both your clinical practice and your personal strategies for professional self-care, (e.g., prevention and/or reduction of professional distress and burn-out. We hope you will join us in this outdoor classroom experiential workshop!  All work with horses will be done on the ground. Please contact if you are interested in more information regarding the scheduling and costs of our workshops.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Group rates are available for three of more enrollments.  We are also available for agency or organizational private group workshops.

Phone: (405) 820-4944

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