Scheduling and Fees


To schedule an appointment for services please contact us by email or phone, ( or 405-820-7792.  Little River Ranch, LLC services are provided on a “fee for services” basis.  Equine assisted psychotherapy, (EAP) services are not reimbursable through insurance/third party payer.  Thus all EAP services are private pay only.  Equine assisted learning, (EAL) services, such as individual or group coaching, all other organizational consulting and continued education,(CEU) services are private individual or company paid costs.

The types and length of services are listed below.  It is our intention to provide clear and consistent information regarding the type, length and costs of services to assist you and or your organization in effective planning for such services. Fees for our equine assisted services cover the costs of the team of professionals, along with the use of the ranch and horses. Each equine assisted service is uniquely planned and scheduled to meet your specific needs.  Please contact us for more information regarding specific cost for your service needs.  A contract will be provided to you prior to the beginning of provision of services.  Such contract will clarify each party’s responsibilities, including financial responsibilities.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy:

  • Individual                                              90 minute
  • Family/couples                                    90 minutes
  • Group, (4to8 persons)                        90 minute
  •   ( individual fee per person,minimum of 4 participants per group)

Equine Assisted Learning:

  • Individual coaching                             120 minutes    
  • Group coaching,(6to10persons)       120 minutes
  •   (individual fee per person,(minimum of 6 participants per group)


  • Continuing Education, (CEU’s)           4 hour
  •  (individual fee per person,(minimum of 10 participants per group)        

(An additional training team member will be added to each group of 10 additional participants).

  • Continuing Education, (CEU’s)          6 hours
  •  (individual fee per person, (minimum of 10 participants per group)

An Additional team member will be added to each group of 10 additional participants.)

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