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Coordination of goals and needs go into each EAL session


Both self-awareness and self-regulation are critical elements of Emotional Intelligence and our capacity to genuinely and effectively connect with others .



For hundreds of years the horse and rider have created a dynamic team, a powerful duo that communicates non-verbally, sensually, almost invisibly. The dynamic of thinking, breathing, and reactionary animals heightens situations, creating constantly changing and evolving experiences. At Little River Ranch, LLC, we realize that the horse acts as a mirror of human emotions, reflecting thefeelings of the individual participating in the EAP/EAL services.  All EAP and EAL activities are “ground work” based.  Not including riding as a part of such activities allows horses to “be horses” in their most natural state.  However, this does not reduce the power of the horse/human dynamics, in fact the dynamics are enhanced.


Including horses as part of both Equine Assisted Learning, (EAL) services is an especially powerful method of involving people in teamwork, problem solving, leadership, communication, relationship building, and self-authenticity. The horses are powerful “coaches” because they reflect how you are perceived by others. They are an honest mirror for you to see your old pattern behaviors while you safely find new and effective behaviors patterns in both intra and inter-personal development. What you learn from the horses with the help of our professional facilitators can be applied to all areas of your life immediately.  Understanding and learning how to react effectively to authentic real life situations is the first step in making changes in yourself and your management of inter-personal relations.  Such changes will positively influence your personal and professional lives.

In this unique learning environment, experiential activities with horses are designed to help participants learn about themselves and develop effective intra and interpersonal skills. With horses acting as a part of the “Consulting/Coaching Team”, participants are provided an enhance opportunity to realize truths about themselves and their relationships. Once awareness and consciousness levels are raised, participants become more energized to take the desired steps towards new practices that will help them achieve personal or professional goals.

Individual and/or group consulting/coaching with the help of horses will create a shift from simply functioning in the world to becoming more aware and highly conscious of how to reach your full potential. The leader in each of us will be guided by the equine assisted process to a path of self-fulfillment, peace and a more abundant life.


Through equine assisted consultation services horses will show you, in a kind and non-judgmental way, a more authentic and congruent world. This gives you an amazing opportunity to make the changes that will better represent your true and authentic self. Your ‘ah ha’ moments of discovery will help you see the truth of your beliefs. Through our equine assisted consultation/coaching programs, you will discover an increased effectiveness in relationships and self-appreciation.
Equine Assisted Consultation/Coaching helps teens, families, couples, teams or business partners, build stronger communication and improve their relationships. Activities with the horses help participants raise their awareness by seeing their communication differences and how to better relate to each other. Once the strengths of two or more are combined and everyone is working towards the same goals, there is a harmony and balance that brings both a peace and a sense of effectiveness into our relationships.


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