EAGALA MODEL in Oklahoma

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Equine Assisted Psychotherpy, (EAP) and Equine Assisted Learning, (EAL) services through Little River Ranch, LLC are provided by Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association, (EAGALA) certifed professionals.



A fundamental belief of the EAGALA Model is that given the opportunity, people will discover their own answers to current problems. As a “solution oriented” model, EAGALA believes in the capability of the individual/group to overcome struggles and find new solutions when given the opportunity.  The incorporation of horses in our work adds the true belief in the capability of our horses and being open to the lessons they are working to teach us. Throughout the experiences of EAP and EAL services individuals are encourages to “trust the process.”  As people become uncomfortable in their current situations they will respond, adapt and improvise when challenged to find better solutions.  We believe that our equine assisted services, (working with the horses) will provide such challenge.

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