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It is our commitment to build effective teams by utilizing individuals with experience in their area of discipline.  As identified above equine assisted psychotherapy, (EAP) and equine assisted learning, EAL) services are based on a “team” approach.  During all EAP & EAL services there will be both a equine specialist, (horse person) and a mental health specialist.  In the provision of organizational leadership and team building services the mental health professional will also have a specialization in organizational leadership consultation.  Below are the current professionals providing equine assisted services at Little River Ranch, L.L.C.




Paul G. Tobin, Ph.D., Health Services Psychologist, EAGALA Certified Equine Specialist and Mental Health Specialist  

I am very grateful for the opportunity to merge three wonderful aspects of my life through the provision of equine assisted services.  It has always been a passion in my life to work with and experience the world of horses. Through leadership of both an older brother and development of wonderful friendships with my adult daughters and son-in-laws, I have been consistently able to sustain and grow my involvement with these amazing animals. My wife, Barbara and I greatly enjoy the shared experiences of Little River Ranch, LLC with our children and grandchildren.  We look forward to your involvement in the experiences of our equine assisted services.     

As a psychologist, Paul is licensed by the State of Oklahoma with specialties in the areas of both health services provider, (counseling) and organizational consulting services. He is Fully Certified by the international organization Equine Assisted Growth And Learning Association, (EAGALA) to provide both positions of an equine assisted psychotherapy or equine assisted learning services team, as an equine specialist and/or mental health specialist.

Paul has provided both mental health services and organizational consulting services for over thirty-two years.  It is his goal to support individuals and groups in their efforts to achieve confidence and satisfaction in their lives and their relationships, (personally and professionally). As an organizational consultant Paul seeks to enhance the potentials of individuals and organizations, as they experience positive impact on emotional intelligence, communication, problem solving, team building and leadership effectiveness.






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