Oklahoma Approved Continuing Education Training, (CEU)

The following workshop has been approved for Licensed Professional Counselors (LPC), License Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) and Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselors (LADC) by their Oklahoma licensing boards for six(6) hours of continuing education.

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Deepening Our Emotional Intelligence through Groundwork with Horses: An Integrated Emotional Competency Skills Model Sponsored by: Paul G. Tobin, Ph.D., Psychologist and Little River Ranch, LLC

  • Do you want a different, exciting, outdoor CEU experience?
  • Come join us and our horses for an experiential based workshop!

This six hour CEU workshop, focused on emotional intelligence, uniquely incorporates spending the day with our professional training team, a small number of participant colleagues (Limited to sixteen licensed mental health professionals), and our equine (horses) partners. Join us and come away with a deeper understanding and practical applications of emotional intelligence through an enhancement of your competencies in the following areas:

  • Personal Competencies: Intra-personal Skills; These capabilities determine how we manage ourselves:
    • Self-awareness–Recognize and know one’s emotions, (enhanced self-awareness skills, including self-empathy; accurate self-assessment of ones’ strengths and weaknesses; and self-confidence)
    • Manage critical emotions, (self-regulation and self-care techniques; keeping disruptive emotions and impulses under control; adaptability; initiative/motivating self/readiness to act; optimism and vision);
    • Motivate oneself, (skills for marshalling emotions during difficult and critical moments in one’s pursuit of goals; “Staying present vs withdrawn,” “Ideal Performance States”)
  • Social Competencies: Inter-personal Skills: These capabilities determine how we manage relationships;
    • Social Awareness–Recognize emotions in others, (empathic skills set and interpersonal consequences of “emotional tone-deafness”, systemic/organizational awareness, Service/ recognizing and meeting the needs of followers/children/co-workers/etc.; clients/customers.)
    • Relationship Management–Handle relationships, (art of handling emotions of self & others during critical relationship negotiations; interpersonal effectiveness and critical leadership skills; building bonds, team collaboration, change catalyst.)

Workshop Focus: This workshop is directed to licensed mental health professionals. The training is intended to facilitate development and utilization of a “Deepened Emotional Intelligence/Competence” through groundwork with horses. The trainers will employ a combination of didactic teaching methods focused on core human relations skills (Emotional Intelligence Model; Daniel Goleman, Richard Boyatzis and Annie McKee; Primal Leadership; 2013; and experiential learning methods employing equine assisted learning (EAL) principles in this unique workshop model.

Educational Objectives: 

Through an integrated teaching model participants will gain an enhanced knowledge and understanding of the core human relations constructs and principles inherent in emotional intelligence competency skills. Such teaching will incorporate cognitive, affective and experiential learning of: (two levels of personal competencies and two levels of social competencies):

  • Applicable in their clinical practices,
  • Applicable in their personal strategies for professional self-care, (e.g., prevention and/or reduction of professional distress and burn-out.)

 All work with horses will be done from the ground, (groundwork position), with no riding or mounting on horses Dates: Two separate workshops are initially planned for the following dates: Multiple dates are planned due to the limited number of participants per workshop, (Sixteen training slots per workshop). The following workshop dates have been approved for LPC’s, LMFT’s and LADC’s:

    • Saturday September 20, 2014; (9:00AM to 4:30 PM)
    • Friday October 3, 2014; (9:00AM to 4:30 PM)

Additional workshop dates will be added to the fall 2014 schedule. You will receive notice of such additionally scheduled dates.


Due to the limited number of participants per workshop enrollment will be on a “first-come-first-serve” basis. Please contact us early if you plan to attend either of the two above scheduled workshops. Number of CEU’s: Six, (6 hours of continuing Education have been approved for licensed professional counselors, licensed marriage and family therapists, and licensed drug and alcohol counselors. We are in the process of applying for LCSW and psychologists approval.)


$225.00 (includes early morning refreshments and lunch on site at the ranch) $195.00 Early bird enrollment (Fully enrolled and prepaid two weeks prior to the workshop date.)


The workshops are held at the Little River Ranch, LLC locate in Pink, Oklahoma. The location is twenty miles east of Norman, Oklahoma /or/ ten mile west of Tecumseh, Oklahoma just four miles south of Highway-9, 45 minutes south east of Oklahoma City. Little River Ranch is a small working horse ranch located in the community of Pink, Oklahoma. You will be “out in the country.” Specific directions to our ranch will be provided upon your confirmed enrollment in the workshop.


    • 8:15AM to 9:00AM              Registration/Sign–in (breakfast refreshments served)
    • 9:00AM to 12:15PM             Personal Competencies:
          • Intra-personal skills, (Self-awareness Cluster)
          • Intra-personal skills, (Self-regulation Cluster)
    • 12:15PM to 1:00PM              Lunch (included with no additional           cost) by Little River Ranch, LLC
  • 1:30PM to   4:15PM              Social Competencies:
        • Inter-personal skills, (Other-awareness Cluster)
        • Inter-personal skills   (Relational Management Cluster)
  •  4:15PM to 4:30PM                Wrap-up

Dress attire:We will be meeting primarily outdoors and spending significant time with horses. Dress is very casual and for safety reasons, boots or other closed footwear is suggested. Additionally, we encourage our participants to bring hats, sun block and other warm/hot weather preparedness items for our workshop.                                              

Workshop Enrollment/Registration:

For questions regarding enrollment contact:

Paul Tobin, Ph.D. Psychologist: Ph# (405)-820-4944 or email: Paul@littleriverranchllc.com

To register for one of the above scheduled workshops please use one of the following three methods:

  1. Call Paul Tobin, PhD, psychologist at: Fax Number (405) 820-4944
  2. Email at: Paul@littleriverranchllc.com and request help for enrollment in one of the above workshop dates

Our staff will follow-up to assist with your enrollment needs.

For registration questions regarding the workshops contact: Paul Tobin, Ph.D., psychologist (405) 820-4944 or email: Paul@littleriverranchllc.com

Trainers: Paul Tobin, Ph.D., an Oklahoma health services and organizational consulting psychologist, has provided professional mental health and organizational consulting services for over thirty-five years.  He works daily with individuals, couples and families as well as organizations, (corporations, government agencies, law enforcement, universities and other educational systems) helping them in the application of emotional regulation, effective personal and organizational management and leadership skills. He is a co-owner and executive of a private counseling and consulting practice, (www.ccoffices.com). Dr. Tobin has also served in professional leadership roles that include: President of the Oklahoma Psychological Association, Chair and member of the Oklahoma Board of Examiners of Psychologist, and former executive director of a community counseling and crisis management agency, Edmond Youth Council, Inc. His work includes training clinical and consulting psychologists in the areas of both mental health and organizational leadership abilities. Dr. Tobin is an active member of the Oklahoma Psychological Association; and the Division of Counseling Psychologists and Society of Consulting Psychologists of the American Psychological Association. Recently, he has begun to integrate his work with horses into equine assisted learning (EAL) services. He is fully certified through the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association, (EAGALA) as both a mental health and equine specialists. Through his work at Little River ranch, LLC, (www.lrrllc.com) he provides human relations and interpersonal skills EAL based training to various professional groups in mental health, business and educational fields. His current emphasis in such services focuses on professional development of both clinical and leadership skills through EAL/C services. In 2013 he and other members of the Little River Ranch, LLC began providing equine assisted learning services as a continued educational workshop for licensed mental health professionals, (licensed professional counselors, licensed clinical social workers and licensed drug and alcohol counselors).


Julie Tobin-Branham, MA and Jared Branham An effective Equine Assisted Services Team   As equine specialists Julie and Jared work closely together as a strong component unit within the professional milieu at the Little River Ranch, LLC.’s equine assisted services team. Together they offer significant years of experience in both quality horsemanship and human relations/leadership skills.

Julie Tobin-Branham, MA is currently the executive director of a senior assisted living facility in Norman, Oklahoma. Prior to her current position she has worked in the field of substance abuse and mental health for over eight years, providing both adult and adolescent treatment and administrative leadership in residential settings. Julie was previously the Executive Director of Milagro Ranch, (privately owned women’s residential substance abuse and mental health treatment facility in Oklahoma). She was a member of the original team who designed, implemented, and led the program to its success as a leader in the field of integrated substance abuse, mental health, and trauma informed treatment. Prior to her leadership role at Milagro she worked with Norman Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center in a variety of both treatment and administrative roles. Julie has worked in a variety of leadership roles for state and national offices, including the Norman Alcohol and Drug Treatment Center, (NADTC,) where she served in the roles of Performance Improvement Coordinator and Change Leader on a national level. She also represented NADTC nationally as their Niatx Change Leader, as well as a Change Agent for the Co-Sig grant with the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services.   In addition to her professional services at NADTC she served as a Performance Improvement Coordinator as well as Director of Triage Services for Children’s Recovery Center in Norman, Oklahoma. She is a graduate of the Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Leadership Academy. As a member of Little River Ranch, LLC Equine Services she has provided valuable support in both direct service delivery and creative program development. Julie has a master’s degree in counseling psychology from the University of Central Oklahoma. As a member of our equine assisted learning team, Julie brings many years of both horsemanship and human relations skills experience.


Jared Branham is an Oklahoma Certified Paramedic and Master Firefighter for the Norman Fire Department. Prior to his entry into his current critical care employment role as a “first responder,” Jared has owned and managed several successful businesses.  His knowledge and experience in both the equine and cattle ranching fields has made him a “sought after” consultant by many local ranching families and business owners.  Currently, in addition to his firefighter career position he is the owner and chief executive of a privately owned roofing company in central Oklahoma.  Jared is most consistently recognized in his work, both with animals and critical human care services, by his strength of character, discipline, and integrity.  It is such traits that drive him in both in his professional and personal life. He has been an avid horseman for over 25 years. Jared is a vital part of our equine assisted learning team.


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